Colored Glass Filters and Optical Glass Filters

Colored Optical Glass Filters

Optical glass filters

If you need an alternative to thin-film coated filters to help you stay within budget, then Valley Design’s optical glass filters are what you’ve been looking for. Our optical glass filter is affordable, performs beautifully under varied operating conditions, functions perfectly regardless of the incident angle of light entering the filter, remains intact under stressful working conditions, and is resistant to damage from corrosive substances. Valley Design’s optical glass filters are available in three sizes from stock, but can be customized to meet your needs if they fall outside of these three readily available products. We can customize optical glass filters shape, size, tolerance, and thickness to make sure you’re satisfied with your Valley Design purchase.

Polished colored glass filters can be used in place of thin-film coated filters as an economic alternative.

Advantages of colored & optical glass filters:

  • Relatively low cost
  • High stability under a variety of operating conditions
  • Insensitive to the incident angle of light entering the filter
  • Not prone to minor scratches and abrasions
  • More resistant to chemical attack, fumes and contamination


  • 50 mm square x 1.0mm thick
  • 50mm square x 2mm thick
  • 50mm square x 3mm thick

For custom filter glass sizes, shapes, thicknesses and tolerances click here.













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