Hoya UV transmitting equivalent filters from stock

Hoya Ultraviolet Transmitting Filters

Hoya equivalent glass filters polished on both sides UV-28 and UV-36 ultraviolet transmitting are available from Valley Design's WEB STORE 50mm x 50mm by 2 and 3mm thick.

Hoya glass filters Valley Design's HEBO filters
UV-28 VFG - 01 - UV280 - 50x50x"t"
UV-36 VFG - 02 - UV360 - 50x50x"t"

"t" denotes thickness 2 for 2mm thick and 3 for 3mm thick.

Hoya UV-28 and Uv-36 filters HEBO UV280 and UV360 filters


Custom thicknesses, shapes and tolerances for all color filter glass:

* Thickness to 15mm * Holes and cavities
* Ultra-thin to 50 micrometers * Protection chamfer
* Geometries 2mm to 200mm * Square or round
* Odd geometries * Super-polished finish











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